Resources I've used for scoring 913/1000 in AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate

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·Aug 10, 2021·

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Resources I've used for scoring 913/1000 in AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate

I've recently sat and passed the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam with 913/1000 in my first try.

Many people asked me what resources I've used for preparation so here comes an overview:

1/ FREE video course from my friend Andrew Brown.

Andrew is a great teacher and knows AWS inside-out!

2/ Udemy course from Stéphane Maarek.

Stephane knows how to condense all the knowledge you need into a fantastic course. You cannot go wrong with this one as well!

3/ SAA02 course by Adrian Cantrill.

I haven't used this course for my prep but have bought the DVA course and I must say: Adrian's courses are top-notch and his hands-on demos are world-class! If you want to dive deep into AWS, this is your course!

4/ SAA02 course by Neal Davis.

I've watched some of Neal's material and it's really great. Another very good choice if you want to sit the exam!

5/ Practice exams from Jon Bonso.

I'm honest with you. If it weren't for this fantastic tests I wouldn't have scored this high! Top-notch, best-in-class. Worth every penny!

6/ Practice exams from Stéphane Maarek.

I've tried half of these. They seem to be quite good, however I prefer Tutorialsdojo practice exams because the questions are easier to understand and quite similar to the real exam.

7/ Practice exams from Neal Davis.

I've only tried 1-2 of them but they seem to be more difficult than the real exam. Might be a good training but I decided I would be fine without taking all of them.

8/ Reddit Community AWS Certifications

Great community that shares tips and insights. Very friendly people that try to help each other!

9/ Exam Topics

So I am not 100% sure about the correctness of these example questions but some seem to be spot-on. Take this with caution because some solutions might be wrong!

10/ AWS Whitepapers

AWS recommends going through these for the exam. However, I only had a quick glance at them and scored good anyway. But, if you are serious about AWS you should definitely read them.

11/ Tutorialsdojo Cheat Sheets

Okay, these cheatsheets are one of its kind! All the info you need in a handy format. I've used these extensively and it was very much worth it!

Alright, that's basically what I've used or at least explored for taking the exam. If you have more resources, please share them in this thread!

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